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Cheers Prestige, here's a tutorial on importing apps;

The iSyn 3; Listen to YOUR music, view YOUR images, use YOUR wallpapers. The breath taking scratch OS returns with the iSyn 3. Featuring many new updates, while still having its most amazing feature: imported app support.

You can download all sorts of iSyn apps from the iSyn 3 SynWare gallery.

Official Apps:

Community Apps:


Now to install the SynWare. Just click "file, import project" from the scratch top bar and select the SynWare you want to install. That's it. Now click the green flag and view in presentation mode!

This is a really great, easy mod that requires one step. Import ANY picture you want, onto the Stage's Background. Done. You can now set it as your defualt from the settings app.

Using the iSyn Gallery, you can view your own image files! Just go to the "image" sprite, and click on his costume tab. Here, click "import costumes" and select any image file you wish to import. Done.

Using the all new iSynTunes, you can listen to your own music. Just locate to the "muci" sprite, and import any music files you want into the "Sounds" tab.

This little dude is your avatar. You can use him in supported SynWare!

-=Create Your Own Apps!=-
Download the SDK here:

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