Ubuntu 1.3.2

See inside

Collab with @-Ubuntu-
Please report any bugs here: scratch.mit.edu/discuss/topic/250206/?page=1

Steps when you finish playing:
1. Love and Fav this project
2. Comment
3. Follow Contributors at the bottom of notes and credits
4. Suggest it to be featured

How to leave a app click the X in the left-hand corner
Space is to stop music
Change size of the mouse trail with arrow keys and press space to change costume

Click the icon in the top left which is known as the super button. There will be apps once you do that.
What you could do:
The first app is: Libre Office (Not Developed Yet, looking for a developer )
Second app: Heroic Ninja, a platformer
Third and Fourth app: Music, click to play and space to stop.
Fifth app: pen platformer
Sixth app: Mouse trail, move your mouse
Seventh app: Terminal
Eighth App: Settings
Ninth App: Pen Platformer, move with arrow keys

Notes and Credits

I worked over 98 hours on this and I would be more than happy if you suggest it to be featured. If you will suggest it here:
It is only called Ubuntu 1.3.2 because it isn't good enough to be Ubuntu 2 xD.

Hey, here is a joke to cheer you up, a plane crashed on the border of Canada and America. Where are the survivors buried?

Version 0.9.3: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/158779664/
Version 1.3.2: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/158780913/
Version 2.9.3: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/158780520/

Ubuntu Pen Platformer1 (5th App): @AtomicBawm3
Ubuntu Base: @-UbuntuController-
Ubuntu Mouse Trail: @-UbuntuController-
Libre Office: @-UbuntuController-
Music: @-UbuntuController-
Thumbnail: @-UbuntuController-
Ubuntu Pen Platformer2 (9th App): @Noroz
Settings: @-UbuntuController-
Terminal: @-UbuntuController-
Glitch / Bug Finders
Nobody Yet

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