The Illustrious Arena™ v3.0

by -SAUS-
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Notes and Credits

Hey, it's ya boi Saus here, with a quite unusual upload. I decided to remaster one of my older games which not many of you have seen. It's basically like a dueling game where you verse bosses and stuff lol. Have fun! :)

Known Bugs:
- Don't press the skip song button too rapidly or else game will freeze.
- After completing World 2, if you attempt to play the live event, game will glitch.

- World 1 is extremely easy. Beating it will be no problem.
- To beat World 2's Evil Clone, don't move. He will die after a few seconds.
- To beat World 2's DrDevy (Elephantouss), you must attack him.
- Live Events are easy. Very easy. lol
- The game all in all is very easy, this is made to be a casual game.

Story Mode (Chapters 1-2)
Live Events (Win exclusive prizes!]
Player v Player (BETA) [Needs at least 100 players in game to work]
Online Chat [Safe chat from @griffpatch]
and most importantly... IT SAVES YOUR PROGRESS! (It will not save your coins or cash because that will cause the game to lag])

Refer this game to friends so we can get as much players as possible! The more the merrier! :D

Music credits are inside the game.

[Disclaimer: Some of this game's assets were from ScratchDeck 2017, because it never made it out to release day. I give @Elepantouss & @Aurori for these assets]

Thanks to any scratchers who are in this game. (All credit to them for their characters)

Script Credits:
- TheChaotic for supplying the text engine.
- MegaApuTurkUltra for the cloud saving engine
Please Love and Favorite, have a good day! :)

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