Looking into the Sky ☁ (Animation)

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        » Looking into the Sky | An Animation «

☁ Press N to change it to night, D for day, and A for aurora!

☁ If at any point the project looks pixelated or distorted, please press cmd/ctrl m to toggle between "fixed" and "broken" B)

☁ Turn up the sound

☁ Use the arrow keys to move the dragon and press h to hide/show it. Press space if you lose your dragon to get it back :)

☁ Press p to see the palette and press it again to hide it.

☁ Press q to see my drawing process.

[FAQ at the bottom of the notes + creds]

Animated sprites:
girl's hair
fox's fur
shooting stars
light beam (can only be seen during day)
waving flag
smoke coming out of the house's chimney

fun fact: when i saw this was featured i had 888 messages :0 #thatmustbeagoodsign

o yeah and just ignore those too-short arms. didn't see that until 2018.

Notes and Credits

☁ (Psst, if you think this should be featured, please suggest it at https://scratch.mit.edu/discuss/topic/245007/ ! This took 2 months to make!) EDIT: FEATURED JUNE 29 2017! omg :0 thanks to the ST and everyone who suggested this!!

(and please don't advertise... really)

☁ All art by me, @whimsical. Please give credit if you use ANY of the art here! All of the code belongs to @whimsical unless I gave credit to the coder below :)

☁ Thanks to @Rosyda + @sekkai for the code that made the petals and leaves blow in the wind – I only modified it a bit to fit the project. (made it blow from left to right, did some layering stuff, other small edits)

☁ Thanks to @RokCoder for helping me fix a glitch! (having to wait a while after switching to day/night after aurora to switch back to aurora)

☁ Music:
1. Carlos Rubio - Essence of Love
2. Really Slow Motion - Cassiopea

☁ Thanks to everyone who left such nice comments! I can't respond to them all since there's too many, but just know that I read them and I'm grateful for 'em! :D

Feedback is highly appreciated! If there are any glitches please tell me and I will try my best to fix them :)

(I just realized how similar this looks to @ClareBear202's projects ._. Go check out her projects if you want to see things like this .u.)

(also i removed my intro because it ruins the ambience & a lot of people have started using it)

Started April 21
Completed June 17

right before it was featured (june 29) - 19 loves, 11 favs
June 30 - 1000 loves, 766 favs

Just found the playlist I was listening to while making this :P https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rID4M_2atAY

                 » FAQ «
Q: I s t h a t a g i r l ?
A: Yeah.

Q: Is that a dragon?
A: Yeah.

Q: Is that a wolf/fox/dog/someotheranimalhere
A: ... yeah.

Q: I lost my dragon D: Can I get it back?
A: Press space to reset its position :)

A: my wifi stopped working and I lost my hand reference

Q: Where's the dragon?
A: "Look into the sky." :3

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