ARC (100% Pen) [version 1.0]

See inside

The player follows your mouse.

So move your mouse around. No, it doesn't teleport to your mouse. Yes, it has momentum and acceleration. Get used to it.

Dodge enemies

Music is mandatory for maximum enjoyment. Yes, this is a bullet h*ll.

Story (here I make something up): You are a spaceship navigating your way through the Jackpot Cluster. Unfortunately, this place is owned by the Pirate Lord Dreadlock. He sends his units at you with all his fury, and you must dodge your way out of it.

Menu is the Vortex, a teleportation "wormhole" thingy in sci fi movies that teleports you to the Jackpot Cluster.

Notes and Credits

Music is Jackpot by TheFatRat

Coding 100% by me.

If anyone knows a good pen text engine, please tell me. Also, if anyone knows how to code the enemies better, please tell me.

Enemy Guide:
Blue-Your basic enemy. Slow. Nothing much.
Orange-Fast Takedown unit. Speedy unit that always spawns where you were.
Green-Pirate Transporter. Transports basic blue units onto the screen. Can also body slam you to death if you aren't careful. Incredibly fast and moves sideways.
White-Stealth Unit. Invisible unit that only materializes when its about to attack you. Relatively slow, but deadly.
Purple-Command module. Signals a large wave of blue and orange units.

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