Unicorn Choosy

by nasl230
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Hey guys! This is a choosing game (I call it a "Choosy") and you pick different things to find something awesome at the end!
Just click on whichever unicorn you want.

Note: If nothing appears, that's the invisible lollipop. He doesn't say anything and is very shy XD
Try to find the rare cake!!
Please suggest for featured!!
I really hope you guys enjoy it! Stay awesome, everyone! :3

Notes and Credits

Hey guys, would you like to see more Choosies in the future? Tell me in the comments! Also give me ideas for it. Thanks!!!
4/29/17: Yay!!! We have 7 views!! Our new goal is to get 15!! Thanks!
4/30/17: Yes! Tysm for meeting our previous goal; new goal: 35 views!
5/9/17: Yas thank you guys!! 50 views is the new goal!
5/30/17: OMG thank you guys so much! 100 views is the new goal and would be awesome, but I'm so thankful for the views already!!!
6/16/17: Please suggest for featured!! Thank you guys so much!!! <3
9/25/17: 99 VIEWS!! WHAT???!!!
9/26/17: WHAT????????? 100 VIEWS?? TYSM TYSM!!!!!!! 200 new goal! Can we make it?
4/13/18: Yep, still counting!! It's almost been a year since I shared this project!! 125 views!! Thank you guys!!

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