Strangers In A Strange Land

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STranGerS in A stRANgE LanD

Welcome to aBNoRmaLville. I've been living here for a few years, and have started to put together a portfolio of my findings. There is Steve, for instance, my abnormal coworker. He has a few strings loose and is constantly fretting over nothing, but he's nice, I guess.

Oh, and the other day, I went to the supermarket to buy a snack, and guess what? I found a pear that some mysterious little creature had made a home out of. Now isn't that peculiar?

I had meant to explore the city a bit and see what else I could find, but I ended up just stalking Steve instead. It turns out he likes to hang out with this big ole' fella from across town. I think his name is Hand Meeya Coke, but I might of misheard. They do all sorts of exciting things, like pretend to box and stand around.

Oh, dear, it looks like it's time to get my antlers trimmed! I'll get back to you soon with the rest of my findings.

The world is a StRanGE place after all.

Notes and Credits

For @Hanzhe's Design Duel ~ 100% by me in GIMP
It's this against @EPICUS's entry:
(Whose is better?!?! o.o )

There are FOUR different drawings (the first 2 are the better ones that should be considered for the duel, the others were just-for-fun sketches) PRESS SPACE to cycle through the drawings, CLICK AND DRAG to zoom in and take a closer look.

I have really been enjoying this duel so far, and have been trying to use a little bit of a different style each time. This round I opted for a sketchy look, and I'm actually really happy how it turned out.

Oh, and the "Strangers in a Strange Land" is a reference to an old sci-fi novel. xP

Music is "Dynamite" by Adam Young (From the Mount Rushmore Score)

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