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Main channel ip:
no longer exists

Other notes:
This is version 1.2. If you find any bugs, report them by commenting, and they will be fixed in version 1.3. On the main channel, Mod1 is Client1. Mod2 can be anyone I select.

For mesh server admins:
You should always set your username to "Host/Mod" (no quotes) exactly as spelled to allow you to use admin commands. You are also allowed to use setmods to promote 2 people to moderators.

Admin Commands (for mesh server admins and mods only):
srvrstop - (All mods) stops all scripts for everyone connected.
setmods - (Host/Mod only) sets Mod1 and Mod2 to your choice of users.
unsetmods - (Host/Mod only) sets Mod1 and Mod2 to 0.
kick - (All mods)will prompt you for the player name; stops all scripts for the player with the name you typed(Doesn't work on Host/Mods)

More admin commands will be added in version 1.2. If you have an admin command idea, post it in a comment (with the code blocks.)

This is NOT a good learning project. It probably uses one of the most complex scripts in the history of Scratch.

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