3D Plane Game v2.3

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Fly your plane through a 3D tunnel in space, avoiding obstacles by flying through holes in walls!

Update v2.3: a few tweaks :)
UPDATE (v2.2):
* Improved 3D
* A LOT less laggy. Runs really fast online now :D

(Thanks to amcerbu for the sizing tip — go check out his 3D/physics projects!)


There are 100+ remixes in total (across all versions), so I collected some of the most interesting ones into a little gallery http://scratch.mit.edu/galleries/view/140586 — as per eventexception's suggestion.

My favourite remix is metalheadprod's 3D Moto Game http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/metalheadprod/529568 — managed to completely change the game!

Remix it, change something interesting, and let me know! :D Maybe add a level? Be creative!


UPDATE: added control selection screen to choose between keyboard or mouse (:

New features in v2 (as suggested from the comments on v1):

* New level!
* Plane's shadow added, so you can see where your plane is in relation to the next hole.
* Mouse Control

(It had music, but it took up 3MB and wasn't even very good, so I removed it :P)

I was trying to make an interesting 3D game in Scratch, and this is what I came up with!

It runs a little slowly in Scratch, should be okay in presentation mode, and fine on the website. (Particularly with the Flash player.)



In summary:
"set size to (100 / z)"
Where "z" is the distance from the screen.
(Again, thanks to amcerbu for the dividing by Z thing... (: )

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