Mainframe - A Platformer

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Mainframe 2 is here!

Finished the bug fixes! It's not quite up to par with my current standard, but I made this over a year ago and it's actually able to be played without experiencing tons of glitches now, so I'm satisfied. :)

Want to see just how bad this game was before I fixed all the glitches? Play the un-fixed version here:

WARNING: The random platform movements can cause extreme frustration. If you dislike hard platformers, then this game is not for you. (I posted this because I have been getting a lot of complaints about this feature.)

Found a fix for certain glitches involving image rendering: if an image isn't rendering correctly (blurry, turning pink, part of it cut off, etc.) then press command + m or ctrl + m.

Click play to start.
Press space while in the story.
Use the arrows to move while playing.
Avoid corrupted code (the purple blocks).
Y'know, the usual. :P

Note: There are fake platforms. These can appear as a purple or green block. Both have no effect on the player. There are also touchable (green) blocks that look like purple blocks.

The platform switching thing isn't a glitch, it is an added gameplay function that makes the game more challenging. The platforms switch to another level variant every few seconds.

Please do not advertise or spam. Thanks!

OVER 16,000 VIEWS!!! TYSM!!! :o Curated (by @nmalekpour) and top loved as well!

@Will_Wam just loved this! I can't even believe how much publicity this game has gotten! XD Wow! 10/7/17


Main menu music is Vexento - Andrenaline.
Story music is Rainbow Tylenol by Kitsune^2
Gameplay music is Newgrounds - Parago.
Pixel letters from the Scratch library.
All else by me!

Oh! And inspiration from @Will_Wam 's Fight Fire With Fire series of platformers.

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