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Mainframe 2 is here!

Finished the bug fixes! It's not quite up to par with my current standard, but I made this over a year ago and it's actually able to be played without experiencing tons of glitches now, so I'm satisfied. :)

Want to see just how bad this game was before I fixed all the glitches? Play the un-fixed version here:

WARNING: The random platform movements can cause extreme frustration. If you dislike hard platformers, then this game is not for you. (I posted this because I have been getting a lot of complaints about this feature.)

Found a fix for certain glitches involving image rendering: if an image isn't rendering correctly (blurry, turning pink, part of it cut off, etc.) then press command + m or ctrl + m.

Click play to start.
Press space while in the story.
Use the arrows to move while playing.
Avoid corrupted code (the purple blocks).
Y'know, the usual. :P

Note: There are fake platforms. These can appear as a purple or green block. Both have no effect on the player. There are also touchable (green) blocks that look like purple blocks.

The platform switching thing isn't a glitch, it is an added gameplay function that makes the game more challenging. The platforms switch to another level variant every few seconds.

Please do not advertise or spam. Thanks!

ONE VIEW AWAY FROM 16,000!!! :o Curated (by @nmalekpour) and top loved as well!

@Will_Wam just loved this. I can't even believe how much publicity this game has gotten! XD Wow! 10/7/17


Main menu music is Vexento - Andrenaline.
Story music is Rainbow Tylenol by Kitsune^2
Gameplay music is Newgrounds - Parago.
Pixel letters from the Scratch library.
All else by me!

Oh! And inspiration from @Will_Wam 's FFWF series of platformers.

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