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Use the arrow keys to move. Use Z to jump, and X to use FLUDD. Use Z to jump into the Bianco Hills portal, and to enter the door to the Blue Coin hut. Use X to talk to others.

Sorry about the wall detection; it worked perfectly in Scratch 1.4, so I don't know what happened here.

Notes and Credits

...Also known as, Super Mario Sunshine: NES Edition.
That's right, folks, the fabled "Super Mario Sunshine: NES Edition," one of my first games on the site I said I'd eventually finish, and...well, unfortunately, I still haven't finished it, but I came closer than a lot of you must think.
It was renamed to just "Mario Sunshine," and--obviously--got a complete overhaul, using, what else--antimonyarsenide's scrolling base.
I knew from the get-go I wouldn't be able to make all the courses from Super Mario Sunshine in this, so I tried to cram everything I could into what little I had to work with.
There are three Shine Sprites total in the game's current state. Two are found traditionally in Bianco Hills, the only stage in the game, and the last one is found when you find all of the secret Blue Coins, and exchange them with the Raccoon in the Blue Coin Hut. That's about all there is to say, really.

=Fun Fax=
- Most of this game's color palette was created used the actual NES color palette.
- doesn't follow most of the NES's limitations, however, sadly.
- II Piantissimo was planned to be in the game, but without a proper mission select, I felt it would get too crowded for one stage.
- The Spray Nozzle was planned to be included, as well, letting you be able to switch between Hover and Spray. However, it was a lot of extra scripting for something that wouldn't add to the game's experience much at all, especially since you wouldn't be able to aim it that much, it being un-NES-like.
- Had this been finished, there may have been the other nozzles in the game, Turbo and Rocket, since they wouldn't be too hard to fit in.
- I'm gonna be honest, I have next to nothing left to show you guys. This is actually a recreation of something I had in 2014, and since I'm leaving--for real--very soon, I figured I at least owe it to put some effort into one last thing.

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