3D Space with mods 1.1.1 Pre 2

remixed by jan251005
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Enjoy flying along with the other ships.
Arrows & WASD to fly ship. Hit 'O' to see options, 'T' for timers.
Problems with KEYBOARD LAG?? -off the keyboar repeating in system
If you're using Chrome and you still have lag as soon as you hit a key, try switching to Firefox (or even MS Edge - gasp!)
(BTW, before you ask: no, you can't fly to the earth, or the moon...)
Cons: You can remove stars if stars is problematic
One minute in game is 0.1 seconds in real life.
My time record: 0:0:2:12:25

Notes and Credits (added by jan251005)

Key for versions: Game/Speed/Timer+/Better FPS/Graphic explode
1.0.0/1.0.0/Beta 1.0/1.0.0/Alpha 1.0.0:
1.0.0/1.0.0/Beta 1.0/1.0.0/Alpha 1.0.1:
Changed the Hi-def jets texture to smaller
1.0.0/1.0.1/Beta 1.1/1.0.0/Alpha 1.0.1:
Changes to time, also affects Speed
1.1 Pre 1/1.0.1/Beta 1.1/1.0.0/Alpha 1.0.1:
Added sounds!
1.1 Pre 2/1.0.2/Beta 1.1/1.0.0/Alpha 1.0.1:
Speed averadge changes and added achivements! Achievements idea from @klasa4b !
1.1 Pre 3/1.0.2/Beta 1.1/1.0.0/Alpha 1.0.1:
New achivement, on the last achivement says "Goal reached!"
1.1 RC1/1.0.2/Beta 1.1/1.1.0/Alpha 1.0.1:
Added new song, and changed the max value of jet dencity to 3.
1.1/1.0.2/Beta 1.1/1.1.0/Alpha 1.0.1:
Added new achievement.
1.1.1 Pre 1/1.0.2/Beta 1.1/1.1.0/Alpha 1.0.1:
Added new achivements.
1.1.1 Pre 2/1.0.2/Beta 1.1/1.1.0/Alpha 1.0.1:
Changed button for Acievements rom "c" to "f"

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