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Welcome to Ukulele Simulator by @QuantumSingularity!
...I came out of retirement just long enough to de-lag it! 4/9/18

-NUMBER 2 ON TRENDING!!!!! And Top-Remixed, Top-Loved, and Curated! LOLOL!!!
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Complete Chord List:

Art: 99% @QuantumSingularity, the Keyboard is by Wikipedia and the Flowers are from Google.

Coding: 99.99% @QuantumSingularity, 0.01% @theChAOTiC (Excerpt from his custom "Round () to nearest ()" block.

Instructions and Advanced Techniques:
NOTE: Beginners, I recommend using Fretboard chord control over keyboard.

NOTE: It's set to the G chord upon startup (with Fretboard Control).

This is an advanced simulator that allows you to practice advanced techniques and chords on a Uke! As a uke player myself, I designed this to be as accurate as possible!

Chucking (Chunking): This is a technique that allows you to make a PERCUSSIVE sound out of your uke. In the real world, it's made by strumming and then hitting the strings with the palm of your hand. In game, you can make it by pressing SPACE instead of MOUSE DOWN.

Finger plucking patterns: Google them, there are millions out there! It's a pattern of plucking individual strings for a cool effect. :D

- Congrats to @jromagnoli who discovered the Easter Egg first!
- @AMVTrash got the 1000th love!
- @Brandme can play the STAR WARS THEME ON HERE!!! :D


Annnd.... CHEATS FOR YOU WISE PEOPLE WHO SCROLL DOWN! Well, not really cheats. More like bonus features. XD

Click on the menu button up on the top left corner when you're playing you uke. Adjust the sliders to make cool things happen:
-You can change which Uke you want to play with. My favorites are 5 and 7. And maybe 8. :D
-For anti-lag, slow down the Note Length to 0.25 or lower.
-Even more anti-lag, disable the circlular target around your mouse.
-Don't forget to Love, Fav and Follow @QuantumSingularity!

Have fun and happy playing!
- @QuantumSingularity

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