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thanks for the feature scratch team and everyone that suggested it! :D BEFORE YOU ASK ANY QUESTION, ILL ANSWER THE FEW MOST ASKED QUESTIONS:
when are you going to finish the mini games?
i'm pretty much done with this project, so probably never but theres a slim less than 1% chance ill add more
what do you do with the eggs?
nothing, you just collect them
what do you do after you collect all the eggs?
then you win and finished the game, good job
could you add a save option?
i have no idea how to code it, but im trying to figure it out
can you make the maze harder?
no, sorry

national egg day is june 3rd, but since i already finished it there was no way i was going to wait any longer to release this project so here you go :P

and wow i actually made a thumbnail :o

introducing "eggland"
a fun but simple game full of smol minigames and collectible eggs!
i dont recommend using full screen while on the home page since the drawings will look very pixelly and strange, but use them in the minigames if you want :) i worked really hard on this, so please enjoy it (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`)

the game objective is to earn egg coins and collect all the eggs

most is self explanatory, or explained by mr egg in the beginning but here's some more detailed instructions just in case you're confused:
SHOP: to go to the shop, click the button that says shop in the bottom left hand corner. to buy something just look at the "shop items" by clicking on the "shop items" button. once you are done looking at what you want, exit the shop items. then, click the speech bubble when mr egg says "what would you like to buy," then type in whatever you would like to buy. for example if you wanted to buy a raw egg just type in "raw egg/RAW EGG/Raw egg/Raw Egg/raw" you may only purchase one of each type of egg, and may not purchase it if you do not have enough money.

MINIGAMES: to see the minigames, click the minigames button in the bottom left corner. click the mini thumbnail of whichever game you want to play to go there.
egg coin catch: use your mouse to control the egg. collect egg coins, that are each worth 0.25 egg coins
clickie egg (based on cookie clicker): click the egg to earn egg coins, each click is worth 0.1 egg coins.
flappy egg (based on flappy bird): click or press the spacebar to make the flappy egg bird bob flap. try not to touch the edge of the screen, or the pipes, because then you'll die. the longer you play, the more egg coins you earn. the countdown is supposed to be 3...2...1...BEGIN, but for some reason the numbers don't always show and sometimes the one doesn't show, sometimes the two doesn't show so just live with it alright. if anyone knows how to fix this, please tell me ;o;
egg avoid (based on some minigames in "dumb ways to die": click the bees before they reach the egg to earn 3 ec, if they do reach the egg before you click them, nothing will happen, but you will just not gain any ec.
egg maze: use the arrow keys to control your egg guy (starts on the green dot) go through the maze to reach the golden egg coin on the opposite end of the maze. successfully going through the maze will earn you 50ec. here's a tip for doing this if you're struggling: first, look at the ending, and trace a path from the end to the beginning using your finger. then, actually move along that path. idk if that's too confusing or something but that's what i always do when doing mazes that are complex
coming soon: idk i couldn't think of another game that didn't require too complex coding, so it's just 5 for now. i might make another if i get a good idea, or i might not. there's a higher chance of me not doing it sorry ;7;

on the home page, there are two buttons in the top right corner. the first one controls the sound (click to turn off and on), and the other is help
comment "(☞゚∀゚)☞" if you read this far :)
credits n stuff:
@cakeflavoredegg for inspiration and for testing it out
the mazes in the egg maze game are all generated from

music: "i lost all my eggs" song by shawn wasabi (taken from
other song is the rick roll (never gonna give you up by rick astley)
the coin sound is from one of @ipzy's platformers
all other random sounds are from scratch's sound library
stargazing egg - @LittleUniverse
firecracker egg - @Ath3na
sparkling rainbow egg - @BlueberryPeaches
internal sun egg - @Sparklii
galaxy swirl - @-CyberArtist-

this is the most coding ive done on a project in forever ;7;
feel free to leave suggestions down below if you want, or remix to add your own egg(s) or mini game(s) :) just make sure you give credit to me for the original

and please report any glitches or bugs! :)

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