HexaGame Image Encoder/Decoder

by jjvan
See inside

Click on a dot to toggle it on/off.
C - clear (set all to 0)
F - fill (set all to 1)
I - invert (flip all from 0 to 1 or 1 to 0)
S - save (convert the layout to a string)
L - load (convert a string to a layout)
RIGHT/LEFT ARROW - rotate right/left

Notes and Credits

This project is an "editor" for an Arduino handheld game with a hexagonal screen: https://easyeda.com/normal/HexaGame_v1_0-68d034cca5934c6981abe940a863dbfc

This editor allows you to create an "image" on the screen and save it to a 5-byte "code" to be pasted into the arduino sketch. It also lets you load a code into the editor to see or change it.

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