Slime Ninja 2

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Welcome to Slime Ninja 2!
The aim of the game is to complete all 50 levels!
Scroll through the levels by pressing the arrows in the menu.
Press the button up the top left to exit the levels, and go back to the menu.
(Top loved and then top remixed around 21st of April 2017)

Here are a list of things that will be useful when playing this game:
READ INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE PLAYING!!! I know there's a lot, but it's worth it!

Important notes:
There is a bar at the bottom which is an energy bar, each attack / defense move takes up energy, each one a different amount. (The entire bar is 27 energy, and you get one energy ever 0.3 seconds, so it takes about 9 seconds to refill you energy bar)
In Free Play mode, use the keys from 1-8 to summon slimes.

Press 1 and double click the code then press ctrl + C to copy, and save it somewhere safe by pasting with ctrl + V.
Press 2 to then enter in your code from the previously saved game.

Arrow keys - to move
Up arrow 2+ times - double or more jump! (Takes 8 energy)
A / D - sword thing that's hard to explain... (Takes 4 energy)
Q / E - side stab with knife (Takes 2 energy)
W - throw sword spinning into air (Takes 6 energy)
S - throw knives beneath you while jumping (Takes 10 energy)
Down Arrow - invincibility for 3 seconds (Takes 15 energy)
Space - Does what pressing A / D then W would do (Takes 9 energy)
Definitely try this one!

Less important but still useful:
Slime guide:
Green, die when hit.
Blue, turns into 2 green when hit
Purple, turns into 2 blue when hit
Red, turns into 4 green when hit
Yellow, jump and then split like blue when hit
Green with wings, the same as normal green but flies
Grey, takes three hits to kill
White, fast and turns into 2 purple when hit
The level will automatically restart when you die.
There are 50 levels in total, but the last 25 are the exact same as the first 25 except you only have one life!

Music from
@Kevin_eleven_1234 's shine on cover from him.
Sounds, background, and ground from @TheChAOTiC
My code: (p$x!pbp/,

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