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Welcome to Ironpants, a pixel game where your hero has to fly through as many boxes as possible. :)
★[Click or hold cursor] Rise up
★[Space or up arrow] Rise up
★[P] Pause/resume
★Fly through boxes to gain points
★Space to skip intro animation
★Remixing to add a new character is very simple. Just draw a new costume in the sprite called "Man". That's all you need to do :D
I play all of the remixes! ^.^
★So this is not my average K11 game. I made this because today, April 19th, is my 1 year anniversary on Scratch! I genuinely thank you all for supporting me to and I'm very grateful to have so much humans who support me, such as my amazing friends and followers. <3
★It took me over 20 days to design the sprites and code everything.
★I spent a very long time to create a new intro! :D If you remix this and you want to replace the intro logo with your logo just go to the sprite called "intro", replace my logo costume with yours, and color find all the colors in your logo with the custom block that you'll find. :)
★If you don't have enough storage on your phone to download Ironpants from the App store or the playstore, then you've come to the right place!
★Thank you guys sooo much for 4000 followers! <3
★I think this is might be one of my best game so far! :)
Process Log:
★Shared - Apr. 20
★Top Loved - Apr. 20
★Top Remixed - April. 22
★10,000 views! Thanks! :D - Apr. 25
★4th most trending, gained 5000 views in a day! - Apr. 27
★Huge thanks to @-Auron- for designing the Knight, Horse, Unicorn, Jester, Princess and King characters!
@Flamingenius for the pen scanning engine. I modified it to create my intro. I thank him, he's amazing! :)
@kevin_eleven_1234 for designing all of the graphics in SBE
@kevin_eleven_1234 for all the programming and text engine
★This is a remake of the game Ironpants, a game on iOS, but with some new features.
★A few sound effects were made by me in
★Background music is Night Soul
@-Auron- for fixing a bunch of my grammatical mistakes in the long list of usernames below!
I'd like to utilize the space below to thank a few inspirational Scratchers, friends, and amazing supporters

(Not listed in any particular order)
(Sorry if I missed anyone!)
And YOU! Yes, you who is enjoying my fabulous game that you have already gave a love and favorite to. The only reason why I might not have put you in the list is because I have no space left. I took up all of the space with the last sentence. I wish I could include you <3
★Follow me to stay updated on upcoming games!
★For more Kevin11 games, please give this a ❤️‍ and ★!
Thanks guys! :D

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