Super Paper Mario: "The Return of Dimentio!"

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Dimentio returns in an all-new Paper Mario adventure, based on the game Super Paper Mario by Shigeru Miyamoto. After being sent to The Underwhere, Dimentio, after years of torture, decides to use the remaining powers of the Chaos Heart to obliterate The Underwhere once and for all! With the Pure Hearts used up, Mario and Co. must defeat Dimentio without the Pure Hearts. For now, the clever jester has sought up a brand-new force, similar to the Chaos Heart, but in the form of a crown. The Devious Crown, it is said, contains the souls of all the past, defeated bosses in the Paper Mario universe, and Dimentio plans to use those souls in order to fulfill his orginal dream, create a new, peaceful world. Helping him are some X-Nauts he stole and Dark Bowser, but he has very little time to accomplish this. If he can figure it out, he'll be able to unleash some of those souls and wreak havoc upon all the people of the world. BTW, the timing is a bit off in the part where Bowser enters the tube, but it has nothing to do with the internet, it was just me. Please, love this because it took me a pretty long time.

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