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Fox - Art
Yay on Saturday the 20th of May this is being curated!
I am so happy! Thank you so much @-BitmapArtist-
this is amazing! OMG OMG OMG OMG OVER 300 loves
this is a record for me thank you!!!!!
All art is by me in vector. I decided to draw a fox. I
think foxes are really pretty majestic creatures and I
wanted to draw one, so I did. Tell me what you think
of this piece of art down in the comment section.
(Constructive criticism welcomed)
I also decided some soft background music would be
nice. So, I added some. This music is "River Flows in You"
by Yirumi. (Thank you _AutumnWind_ for letting me know
the music was.)
I used google images for impersonation.
UimreY5tivE#imgrc=M6eM42ZO1CYMLM: )

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