3D Platformer (Faster)

remixed by Spidertest
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Notes and Credits (added by Spidertest)

-Full credit for the game goes to @123768631
-Be sure to check out the original game.

-I just made a few optimizations, so now it runs a lot faster, without lag.
-Also, Check out my other games:

More 3D stuff:


-Added back face culling, so now, it only draws 3 sides rather than 6.
-Since only 3 sides are drawn, I also added different shading for each side.
-I switched the triangle fill to the one made by @DadofMrLog, because it works slightly faster. Also added a resolution variable.
-I also removed the sqrt when calculating distance, and made variables to store the cos and sin of the rotations in the beginning of each loop because these functions should be used as little as possible.
- I completely removed multiplication when calculating distance, thanks to @smoothman755

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