Chemicals - A Platformer

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Play @appyh's remix. It is fantastic and spreads a beautiful message!

I'm Making A New Platformer Series! All of the projects will go in this studio:

This is a platformer game, with a twist. There are a bunch of different chemicals. You have to live through all of the chemicals with the fewest deaths possible. All levels Are Possible.

You are an orange cube. You find yourself stuck in a bunch of chemicals! You must escape before it's too late!

Chemical Meanings:

Pink Chemicals Are Poison. Do Not Touch

Purple Makes you bounce high. WEE!

Blue Teleports you forward.

Yellow Teleports you backwards.

Lighter Blue is water! Let's go for a swim!

Green Shoots at you. Those Green Blobs Hurt!

Notes and Credits

95% By @-Jetpack-!

Music is called 'Fade' By Alan Walker.

Like The Intro? It was done by @Paramexia! Go Follow him!

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