Warriors part one game

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>.O My first game and YES I WILL BE MAKING MORE AND BETTER ONES. :D Anyway this is a spoiler... From I think power of three and Omen of the stars. Its when Firestar loses a life from a fox that attaked him. :/ And Jayfeather thought it was horrible he lost a life because Leafpool wasnt there to help him. This took about 10 minutes to make... And I was bored too. Im not so sure when the secound game will come out... Maybe next month? Btw Ill Post the link in the description when Im finished the newer game. So and so I finally got braces! :D They hurt a bit and the colors are: Light Pink and Light Green! :P Anyway Im also taking requests noaw! .3. Tell me if you want a simple, short, animation of and animal or a pic! (You can also tell me what music or Ill pick one.) Im working on another project called "Battle with Bloodclan". I might send an early thing before I finish to show you what Ive done so far. Sorry the description is so long and Im happy you bothered to read it all the way to here because for a treat... IMA GIVE CHU EARLY ACSESS TO MY NEWEST GALLEREHS! :DDD Press space to play and follow the simple instructions on the game. XD DOWNLOAD TO WORK!

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