Super Slime Smash (v1.15)

See inside

The Slimes are taking over, You are a warrior trained in the deadly art of slime-jitsu (it's a legitimate thing ok) and you aren't going down without a fight...

Jump on things!
WASD/Arrow keys to move
SPACE or Z to throw shuriken (if you have ammo!)
P to pause/unpause the game.
Click the mute button in the top right to toggle sounds.

Notes and Credits

My previous game, Wall Runner! >

-Game inspired by @DarkLava 's Slime Ninja >
-Number sprites from @RememberNovember
-Music from newgrounds
-Sound FX made with

As always, more will be added if there is demand for it :) So make sure to comment what you want added, and love it if you love it :D


21/04/2017 (v1.15) - New additions to the cover art, and to the alternate arena.

21/04/2017 (v1.12) - Made it easier to tell when an enemy has already been destroyed.

12/04/2017 (v1.1+1.11) - Added some achievements to obtain, also made you earn more points the longer combo you get, up to 100% more points per slime! (shuriken kills don't count!) (v1.11) - Added a secret thing that's not that secret.

11/04/2017 (v1.02) - Fixed shurikens not being deleted when starting a new game. Added the option to press SPACE or Z to quick start/restart a game.

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