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4/18 - What the Community is LOVING!!!
4/26 - What the Community is REMIXING!!!

ATTENTION: I removed the crash completely because this project was marked NFE. You don't have to worry about the game crashing anymore.

You can skip the intro at the start if you wish.
A/D or Left/Right arrows keys to move left and right
W or Up arrow key to jump (jump height is random)
S or Down arrow key to crouch (you can't jump while crouching)
And one more thing... DON'T. TOUCH. THE ROCKS!!! (Note: not as serious as it used to be... But still, the objective is to not touch them)

At the end, there's a leaderboard showing the top 10 scores achieved by players. If you didn't make it one the leaderboard, post your score in the comments! :D
My best score is 22.649. Can you beat that?
My fastest fail score is 0.681 XD
Anyone who can get more than 22.649, I'll give you a shoutout! :D
People who have broken my current record or previous ones:
@funnyComedy_tv - 22.760
@World_Of_Awesomeness - 21.370
@-ColorMaster- - 21.199
@SuperSmarfy - 21.072

Hey guys! So yeah, this was a game I made for fun. Thanks to @wasd5 for giving me the idea to make it a game :P
The game was based off of this quote from an Ocarina of Time speedrun tutorial:
"We're just gonna do this section normally... But, you're gonna wanna not touch any burning rocks- DO NOT touch the rocks. If you touch the rocks, the game- will- crash- and I'm not even joking. I'll even show it to you guys... ... *touches burning rock*...Right there. XD If you touch the rocks in this area, it'll burn your shield; and since you're in an Adult-only area, it'll try to load the text that says "Ugh, you burnt your shield..." But the textbox is not loaded in this area, so it'll crash your game. ... It'll crash anywhere in this tower escape area. If you're anywhere in this tower escape area, and you touch a burning rock it'll crash your game."

So... yeah. That's where I got the idea to make this game from. ._.

Scratcher of the Project: @jojohallbrook
Shoutouts: @wasd5, @Pencilive, @Tristan_Morgan

Thanks to @CodeLegend for the Cloud leaderboard!
Thanks to @mikeono102 for the countdown animation script!

Mario Kart - Countdown
Ocarina of Time - Escape Ganon's Castle

Basically the script that causes the crash is just an endless clone creation. So the project creates infinite clones, and, I have no idea how the computer would render all the clones, so it crashes. :)

NOTE: I removed the crash every time you touch the rocks normally for Scratch regulations. If you do want to see what happens when the project crashes, hold ANY KEY as the leaderboard is about to show up.

Update Log:
2.01 - Changed Leaderboard text slightly
2.0 - Made rocks come in different sizes and angles
1.9 - Removed introduction warning
1.81 - Improved Cutscene Skip trigger and Mute trigger
1.8 - Added mute button
1.72 - Added slight offset for time count- reduces chances of identical scores
1.71 - Fixed countdown glitch
1.7 - Added top 40 Leaderboard!
1.6 - Added Automatic leaderboard reset- resets every day (subject to change)
1.5 - Fixed Touch Rock Debris glitch
1.4 - Fixed glitch where rocks don't disappear
1.3 - Fixed a Turbo Mode glitch
1.2 - Added Turbo mode detector
1.1 - Added Colorful Leaderboard that shows the top 20
1.0 - Basic gameplay and essentials, Top 10 leaderboard

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