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Click Flag 2 X! EGGS hatch when placed in the incubator.
MONEY: Earn coins by 'petting' chickens or auctioning adults
FOOD costs 5 coins.
AUCTION: Bigger chicken = more money, Pick up chickens, drop them on the Auction button.
DANGER: Watch out for wild dogs. They eat chickens. Buy a Farm Dog to protect them. Look under the INFO tab.
Hart's Transformation:
Fairy Awakening:
Dragon Egg:
My Incredibly REAL Bunny:
Monster Maker Machine:
Baby Hamster Boomwhackers:
...And many more...
Only fitting that a game about Chickens would have a couple of Easter eggs... These cannot be bought and must be either laid by a hen or obtained by doing something specific in the game.
Meet the new Polish Bantam
Mythological Unicorn Chicken
Alien Egg Chick (Dog's enemy)
Fall is here, enjoy the new egg, Batman Chicken
New Fall Egg--> pumpkin chicken 9/25/17

Notes and Credits

Exploding eggs? Happy 4th of July!!
One of my favorite things about moving to Tennessee was raising chickens for the first time. So many varieties and egg colors. Enjoy this simulation of the wonderful world of chicken farming! There are still a lot of bugs and cheats. Sometimes one of your chickens will auction itself off, or get two auction pay offs. And everyone's favorite, "The amazing Half Chick". Why does it happen?? O_O
Chickens are drawn to food, but if it's not fast enough for you, pick your chicken up and wipe it around on the food, lol. It will grow really fast. Try not to overload the game with too much food at once.

Concept, artwork and programming by @Scrappymammy
Music is Smokey Mountains and Barn Music from Audioblocks

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