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yeyy done at last ;;;
space for the others xd
oki so some bios~

Blue bubba #3 (favourite <333)
Name : Sadie
Age : ???
Gender : Female
Personality : Negative, wimp, coward ect
Hobbies : Reading, dressing up in doll-like clothing
Likes : Blue, sad/cold colours. Dolls. Dollhouses.
Dislikes : Red, happy colours

Deer bub #2
Name: Lunar
Age: ????
Species: Some wierd deer species i'm working on
Gender: Male
Likes: Nonlisted
Dislikes: Nonlisted
Personality: Mysterious, sly?
Extras: Galaxy drool? Trail of stars.

Alien Bun #7
Name: Spud
Age: ???
Gender: Female
Species: Normal rabbit
Personality: Happy, considerate and joyful
Likes: Aliens, green rocks, decorating rocks
Dislikes: Dogs and hoovers
Hobbies: Collecting green rocks and drawing on alien eyes onto them, stargazing and hopping around <33

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