Undertale Simple Battle Creator (v1.5)

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-Due to the fact that I am working on other project, I sadly won't be updating this project for a while.

-If you have a remix, please put it into this studio: https://scratch.mit.edu/studios/3823645/ follow this studio as well, it's called FrostyGames

-Make sure to like, favorite...view XD...and follow me...but not literally

-Also, put your remixes here as well
It's called Undertale Simple Battle Creator Projects

-How to play:
-First, click green flag 3 times, for minimum amount of glitches
-For minimum amount of lag, play in full screen
-Heart: Up/Down/Left/Right arrow keys- Move
-Heart: Z key- Attack (When touching the Attack Button)
-Heart: X key- Special Ability (Depends on your soul color)
Heart: Soul Colors- Red - Normal Movement. Orange - Changes Gravity to Up/Down/Left/Right When those keys pressed.
Yellow - Shoots a bullet dealing 1/10 of the heart's normal Attack Damage. Green - Has a shield that can block attacks (may be a bit weird to handle.) Light Blue- Regens HP over time Blue - Adds Gravity to the mix. Purple - Heart can only move to the Dots scattered about the screen. Pink - Like the yellow soul, but shoots 3 Bullets. Grey - Slow, but when you press the X key it goes 24x the speed it would've gone before. Hollow - Has reverse movement (Up=Down, Down=Up) should be difficult to control, giving the enemy the advantage. Light Grey - Charges up it's jumps like a spring, the longer you charge your jump, the higher you'll go. Asriel - Has a faster speed than normal, and when you press X swords swing around, blocking any attacks.
-Enemy: 1-0 Keys-Attacks
-Enemy: Mouse- move attacks (Attacks go to mouse...most of them)
-Make sure to click the RESET BUTTON to either un-reset or reset
-Please take note: You cannot recover reseted fights YET

Notes and Credits

600 remixes - Nawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

500 remixes - Now THIS is epic!

v1.5 - added "flamethrower" attack (credit to @xanderbomber08 for suggestion)
v1.5 - added "hyper goner" attack (credit to @PugTacoD0NUT8 for suggestion)

v1.45 - save/recover button is complete, you can now save infinite battles

v1.3 -reset custom music is complete!

- credit to @pocoikapusta for the original idea of a usbc

- credit to toby fox for making the amazing game undertale

- credit to @bomer235 for the idea of adding a difficulty

- again, credit to undertale for the "g_attack2/3"

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