✨~ Night Flight ~✨

See inside

Note: The file size is quite big (there are about 3000 small parts in it), so it may take a bit longer to load. Thank you very much for your patience, it means a lot to me! ^-^

✨~ Night Flight ~✨

Watch Jewel the Butterfly fly through the night sky, on its way to......

✨ Press space to make the butterfly fly! (IMPORTANT)
✨ Use fullscreen for better view of details.
✨ Press m to control the volume of the music.
✨ New intro! ^.~
✨ There are five different backgrounds. Press a to switch between manual mode and slideshow mode. The default is manual mode; use the arrow keys to change backgrounds. In slideshow mode, the background will change automatically every few seconds.

✨ To see the details of the butterfly, click "See inside" and look at the two sprites named "Body" and "Wings". However, if you have an older or slower computer, your computer may crash because the file size is very large. It's the very reason why I divided the butterfly into two sprites. :)

✨ The sparkles are meant to be stars ;)

Notes and Credits

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~ Credits ~
✨ I drew the butterfly and the stars in Inkscape following a tutorial on design.tutsplus.com. Link: https://design.tutsplus.com/tutorials/how-to-create-a-jeweled- butterfly-in-inkscape--vector-4177
✨ Coding, animation and intro by me.
✨ Music: Vexento - Keep Fighting (edited)
✨ The backgrounds, downloaded from Google Images, were taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.

✨ This project took me a looooong time to finish. If you remix this, please give credit to me a̲n̲d̲ t̲h̲e̲ t̲u̲t̲o̲r̲i̲a̲l̲. Thank you. :)

✨ Curated on 4/18/2017 by @nmalekpour! :D Thank you so much <3

~ Special thanks to... ~
✨ Taketori, for making such a great tutorial. It introduced me to many of the basic functions of Inkscape and was essential to improving my knowledge of this program.

✨ NASA for taking so many magnificent pictures of outer space! <3

✨ All my amazing friends and followers on Scratch! ^-^

✨ The Scratch Team for making Scratch a wonderful place! :D

✨ If you have any suggestions or if there is anything I can improve on, please say so in the comments! ^^

✨ If you liked this, please remember to leave a love, favorite, and follow! Thanks! ~ Hua ^v^


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