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This is Revolution, just a game I've been working on. I had the wonderful idea to make a game that could be played on a mobile device(it actually does, if you have flash installed). If you don't have flash, go here to play

Finally, a world that actually does revolve around you! (Because I couldn't think of a better name)

I originally had a tutorial in game, but it was causing too many problems and I scrapped it. I'll put instructions here instead.
The buttons on your right and left rotate the level. To begin the level, click the platform holding up your character. Avoid all red. If you click on the red spinny thing on the second level, it will move out of the way. You can unlock more colors as you progress (at levels four and eight). These can be accessed from the menu. Clicking M will return you to the menu, and clicking play again will resume you on the level you left off on.

You'll usually start with the normal color, but there's a 20% chance of you starting with a bow or bow tie.

Just a warning: Fullscreen causes a ton of lag. (Turbo mode can help remedy this somewhat)

For credits, the only thing that doesn't belong to me is the music which is Dragonspiral Tower.

Also Happy Birthday @-Spicer-
sorry I couldn't get this out on the 6th, my head got slashed and I'm not supposed to be on electronics (haha). Ok I think this is sorta ready now.

7 because one of my friends says that and it's his birthday too

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