Heroes in Suits

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Welcome to Heroes in Suits, a unique platformer where you have to run to the top of the building without falling off of the building to save the princess.
★[Mouse or space] Jump
★Run up the building as fast as you can!
★100% is the top of the building
A fire burnt some components of the building that the princess is trapped on! You, hero, must take the risk of running to the top of the wrecked building as fast as you can to save her.
★As a gift from me before I leave on vacation to Las Vegas and also Mexico, I've made this fun little complicated pixel game that actually took up the whole week to make. We leave on vacation on April 1st! (Not a prank) :)
★This may be the most complex project by Kevin11!
★It took me way longer than usual to design all of the pixel graphics in this game. :D
★There are instructions in the 2nd sprite on how to easily draw new heads if you want to remix and add a new head.
★I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed making it! :)
★Can we give this hero 1500 ❤️‍s? He'll be really happy! ^.^
If the game lags, play it on Phosphorus:
★SFX files YouTube
★High Risers (game on iOS) for heavily inspiring the graphics and game concept. It's a game on iOS.
★Clouds from @Griffpatch_tutor
@kevin_eleven_1234 for designing all the graphics in Scratch
@kevin_eleven_1234 for programming the game
@kevin_eleven_1234 for new intro and new text engine
★Marshmello - intro music
★BSO 8-Bit Killer - game music
★Follow me to stay updated on upcoming games!
★For more Kevin11 games, please hit that ❤️‍ and ★ button!
Thanks guys! Thanks for all the kind comments. I read them all even though I am on vacation. :D

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