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9/4/17 - WHOA... This is top loved! Thank you so much guys
First time being front paged *woot*
GUYS DON'T REMIX IF YOU DON'T CHANGE ANYTHING IMPORTANT. Otherwise I'll have to report the project.
Here's the feature proposal link for you guys:
Okay, stop reading and actually SEE the project now...

Notes and Credits

The music is from Tomodachi Life ;)
All of the art belongs to me, except:
- All of the emoji pictures
- All slide images that aren't screenshots
-Some title writing (but I edited the size and colours)
(so mostly not much art at all)
Everything else is by me
Wow, I really should have made more art, huh? I'm lazy :P

- 11/4/17: Added a FAQ, and another Tips & Hints slide
- WHOA - First day shared and already 9 favourites, 11 love-its, and 57 views! thanks :D
- 10/4/17 - 259 faves, 345 loves, and nearly 2k views! whoa thanks guys
- 22/10/17 - 1171 faves, 1486 loves and 9 and a half k views. And before I made this project I thought 50 loves was a lot lol
- 31/12/17 - Oh there's 10k views. Yeet

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