Pig Party - Multiplayer dice game

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Cheddargirl asked for a multi-player version of Pig - so here it is!

Click on the player to change between a human player and one of the Artificial Intelligences (AI-Cautious and AI-Bold).

The game of Pig is pretty simple. Roll as many times as you want in a turn...but if you get a "1" (a Pig) you lose your turn (and any points earned in that turn). Your goal is to get to 100 points first. So roll away...then click on Hold when you are ready to let the next player play. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pig_%28dice%29

The graph that starts in the lower left corner shows the occurance of Pig rolls (red line) compared to the expected average of one sixth of a Pig every roll (black line). You can use the graph to try and decide if you should continue rolling if you want to :)

The awesome music is from Newgrounds and is shared with a Creative Commons Noncommercial Share-alike license. It is called "The Beat of Life". It was written by Caleb Cuzner (Nijg) and is available here

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