Wall Runner (v1.501)

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Climb the worlds largest, and most dangerous wall! How far can you make it? Use the mouse to flip between the walls, dodging spikes and taking out enemies while trying to collect all the coins you can!

- You can use A/D or arrow keys to flip sides aswell!
- SPACE to pause/unpause in game!
- Use the buttons in the top right to toggle game effects, music and sound fx.

Notes and Credits

Thanks everyone for 7000 followers! - More stuff will be added if the game gets enough support! :D Let me know what I should add in the comments below!

Music - "CPU Mood" by Demonicity @Newgrounds
SFX made with http://www.superflashbros.net/as3sfxr/

Newest game! Super Slime Smash! > https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/154426128/

My Last project, a crazy arena game where you can battle your friends, or the AI! > https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/139025103/

Update log! -

13/04/2017 (1.501) - Added a prompt to changing theme so it's more clear.

6/04/2017 (1.5) - Added 2 cool new themes! as well as a new unlock-able character! Also added the ability to toggle effects, which will reduce lag a lot on slow computers!

5/04/2017 (1.4) - Changed unlock specifications for the king skin, more characters with special requirements will be out soon! UI changes + bug fixes.+ small additions.

4/04/2017 (1.3 + 1.301) = Big update! Added 2 new themes and 3 new characters! Changed some UI elements and added the ability to choose your own theme + bug fixes (1.301) Minor bug fixes.

31/03/2017 (1.261 + 1.262) - small secret added (1.262) reduced any minor lag you should experience after defeating an enemy (on slower computers)

30/03/2017 (1.21 + 1.25 + 1.26) - Added 3 more characters! And a new theme (1.25) Added particle effects, minor changes and bug fixes, new medal. (1.26) Added small intro

28/03/2017 (1.12 + 1.2) - 3 more characters! (1.2) added a night theme which will be randomly chosen at the start.

28/03/2017 (v1.11) - minor tweaks

27/03/2017 (v1.1) - Added the ability to earn coins and purchase characters!

27/03/2017 (v1.01) - Added some more characters to play as!

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