Fortune Cookie Simulator

See inside

Crack open a fortune cookie and see what's in store for you!

A lot of them don't make sense, but hey, neither do the one's in real life!

Or you can select an advice cookie for a helpful tip. :D
Love the project, then comment some of the things you got! (But please don't spam TOO much. :P Try to just post a few comments.)

Notes and Credits

Here's an upgraded version with tons more words!

Credit to @djpro for the amazing text engine! :D

Also, this project is nothing big. It's just a small thing I thought I'd share while I'm working on The Ninja 4!

The music is by Waterflame on Although, I don't feel like it fits the project very well. :/

Some of my favorite pieces of advice that I've gotten:
- You should love Will_Wam.
- It's a good idea to eat dirt.
- Don't forget to steal some candy.
- Just taste anyone.
- Always lick your cousin.
- Don't look at your mom. Seriously.
- Never do chores. Trust me.

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