Scrolling Tutorial

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A nice simple tutorial on scrolling. I'm also very happy with how the vector artwork came out.

If you are having trouble with your scrolling tutorial, feel free to comment about it! I will try and help.

Example project:

Development time:
8 hours

Notes and Credits

Q: Mute the project.

Credits to:
1). Kevin Macleod for the Wallpaper song! The other was composed by yours truly.


Update log:

v. 1.0.4b brings:
1). Press q to mute the project.

v. 1.0.4 brings:
1). Re-uploaded a sound that seems to have become corrupted.

v.1.0.3 brings:
1). An update to fix a bug caused by a recent Flash Player update.

v.1.0.2 brings:
1). An example scrolling background for anyone who wants it!

v.1.0.1 brings:
1). Several small changes.
2). Made the Jungle Explorer song softer because it was blaring...

v.1.0.0 brings:
1). Everything!

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