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Notes and Credits

Petme is a virtual pet game. Made by @Sensytive.
Please read the instructions carefully before playing, thank you! Have fun! =^w^;=

• If you don't like the music or sound, click the button on bottom-left corner to mute the music/sound.
• Make your own kitten by clicking their head, body, or tail and click a color to change it's color, or just click the "randomize" button.
• Click the next button to continue.
• Give your pet a good name, maximum length is 20, minimum length is 3.
• Decorate your kitten by pressing the arrows or by pressing the "randomize" button.
• Click next again to continue.
• You will get an achievement for making your first pet!
• You can see which achievements you've collected by clicking menu and by pressing the "achievement" button on the top-right. (Press space to continue)
• All you have to do now is to click the "Menu" button on the top-left.
• At the menu, you can see the pet's name, what your pet needs, and an Achievements button.
• Click the Achevement button to see which achievement you've got.
• Click what your pet needs.
 (1) Eat: Feed your pet.
 (2) Drink: Give your pet some water.
 (3) Bath: Bathe your pet.
 (4) Play: Let your pet play.
 (5) Sleep: Let your pet sleep. Remember to turn off the light first!
 (6) Shop: Go to the shop with your pet, buy something if you want.

• You can get some money by joining a competition, you can find the "Join a competition" button at the shop.
• After clicking the button, you can choose which competition you want to join: Race, or Photo.
• When racing, you don't have to control anything. Just let your pet run by themself.
• Your pet's speed on racing will increase everytime you let your pet play by clicking the Play button at the Menu.
• When your pet is playing, you can see your pet's experience on the top-right.
• When you're at the shop, you can buy:
 (1) New ball: Just a better ball for your pet.
 (2) Coming soon!
 (3) New bed: A bigger, relaxing new bed for your pet.
 (4) New bathub: A bigger bathub.
 (5) Window: A window for your house.
 (6) New sponge: A bigger sponge, you can bathe your pet faster with this.
  (7) Coming soon!
  (8) Coming soon!
• Have fun playing!

• You can use any of the sprites or scripts from the script, be sure to give credit!
• I started making this project on 9th December, and finished on 21th March, that is about 4 months!
• This is the first time I made a virtual pet game, it turns out good I guess.
• Report glitches, press the love button if you enjoy it, thank you!
• You can suggest more decorations to add, put them in the comment section below!

Music is Rainbows by Kevin MacLeod
All costumes and scripts are made by me.
Sound effects are by scratch's sounds.
You for playing this game!


Top remixed!

Fixed race glitch

Fixed text engine - now you can name your pet with capital and lowercase letters
Decreased soaps lag - it won't be that laggy anymore
Soap layering is fixed - when you turn the light off, the soaps won't be glitchy
Fixed last achievement - it's not impossible anymore to get the last (annoying) achievement
Fixed that huge shower stuff - after purchasing the new sponge, the shower stuff won't be that big anymore

Project is shared!

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