Mozart Waltz Generator

by scmb1
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Notes and Credits

Please either DOWNLOAD or use the FLASH player. It does not work with the Java player.

Generate random music (that sounds good!) with this project. Simply press "Generate." To replay press "Cow." Kidding. Press "Replay." :P

= A little background =

This is Mozart's Dice Game or Mozart's Musikalisches Würfelspiel, made of 272 measures written by Mozart 1787. The game was originally played by rolling dice to determine which measures to play and when. There are exactly 11^16 * 6^16 different possible songs, in case you were wondering (that's 1.29629238 followed by 29 zeros.) Of course, computers weren't exactly widely available in Mozart's day, so this was all done manually, including playing the music.

It's a lot easier with a computer!

I discovered the Dice Game a while back and just got around to making it into a Scratch project. I wrote rather long notes, so if you're interested in exactly how it works you may want to download it and look in the Stage and Trio sprite.

= Credits =
Mozart, of course

The idea, the tables, the sound:

The background info:
(There's a lot more here than I put in my notes. Check it out!)

That picture of Mozart:

Also, thanks to hmnwilson for spotting why the program was being so cranky.

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