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(Written by @sgcc_.)

The "Chaos Game" is a cool connection between randomness, chaos and fractals. Using a random "throw of the dice" you can generate infinitely complex patterns, in this case, an infinitely nested tri-force looking thing called the Sierpinski triangle. Here is how it works:

1. Start at any point within a triangle.
2. Randomly choose a number, either 1, 2, or 3.
3. Move halfway towards that point of the triangle (in this case the points of the triangle are 1=bottom left, 2=top center, 3 = bottom right).
4. Place a point.
5. Repeat from (2), starting where you now are.

This is an example of an "iterated process." This video has a great explanation of what "iteration" is. Iteration is at the heart of lots of my favorite things in math and computers.

Notes and Credits (added by _nix)

This was a pretty cool project! I threw in a few other numbers and ended up with this.

Parallelograms always seem to make a solid-filled shape (try the other script I have inside the project).

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