Bezier Pen Text Engine - BPTE [100% Pen]

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Notes and Credits

Bezier Pen Text Engine - BPTE [100% Pen], a project by @TheMachinumps

Wait... Another PTE? This must be a joke, right???

If you want to make your own fonts, check this project by @TheMoSmiths out:

Script - @TheMachinumps
Artwork - @TheMachinumps (thumbnail made in Inkscape, rest is 100% pen)
Fonts - Couture, Ubuntu, BPTE - Rounder
Music - Bossfight - Elevatia (meganeko Remix) [on Soundcloud]

I sincerely hope you enjoyed! If you did, please don't forget to leave a love and maybe even a favorite =)

I know there aren't as many features as SFPTE, but that was to not make things slower than what they already are...

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