zomg icey29! remix

remixed by _nix
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about me:
1) Not a good programmer
2) Not a good artist
3) Not a good mathematician
4) Not a good scientist
5) Not a good biologist
6) Not a good physicist
7) Not a good blogger
8) Not Icey29

Notes and Credits (added by _nix)

remixes ftw. nobody will view this because it's a remix.

except you, obviously, because you made the original project

and also you, because you're interested in whatever this is

hey icey! their ear is missing from mine too. mwhahahahaha.

also, the image is a suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper unnecessarily hires scan. so you can't even set the size to 100%! (without downloading the image anyways, you art thief /s)

this /seriously/ looks a lot better in real life.

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