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Thanks so much for all the kind comments! Check it out on youtube:
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This is a MAP, or multi-animator project, which means that the different parts were made by different Scratchers of all ages, genders, and races, who came together behind a message of empowerment. Please see the Notes and Credits to acknowledge all the awesome people who helped make this possible!
About this song:
The lyrics come from Hillary Clinton's speech that she gave after this year's presidential election. She wanted to remind girls everywhere that they "are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world". The speech inspired 13-year-old girl Isolde Fair to write this song to empower girls. I thought it would be great to make a MAP to continue the chain of inspiration and spread this message throughout Scratch.

Hillary Clinton may be a politician, but this project is not political, so I'd really appreciate if you avoid arguments and negative/politically charged comments on this project.

What the community is loving? Thanks everyone!! Sorry I can't respond to every comment, but I see them and am so happy to see that this project has affected people.

Notes and Credits

Credit to Isolde Fair ( @Isongs) and Hillary Clinton for the song.
Infinite credit to all of the amazing animators, who shared their incredible skill and inspiring messages.
Part 1 @CrazyGames_
Part 2 @Aquasplash
Part 3 @Hope4Tomorrow
Part 4 @RainbowCloud525
Part 5 @Something-
Part 6 @MintyBunBun (she also made the awesome thumbnail!)
Part 7 @rainbownarwhal9
Part 8 @oceanatic
Part 9 @otiseddie
Part 10 @-MusicalWriter-
Part 11 @rainbow_waves
Part 12 @HarmonySpirit
Part 13 @pianoprincess09
Part 14 @ceebee
Part 15 @Brain_Games
Part 16 @Bobirt
Part 17 @scratchtwins-691
Part 18 @cooldogdude-MAPS
Part 19 @chicken711
Part 20 @HornedSerpentNerd
Outro @dolphingirl36 (me)

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