LOTS of recent art and pictures! XD

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WOW, I haven't been on in a long time.

Anyway, Merry Christmas! :D

Just around an hour ago, my grandpa accidentally walked into a tree XD He's okay, but it was so funny, and now he's saying things like, "Nothing makes someone feel more stupid than walking into an inanimate object." my grandpa's awesome. :3

My birthday was last Sunday, the 19. Sorry I didn't post a project, I was too busy. I went to my friend's epic Christmas party, and I got home at 5:00, then I did whatever I felt like. X3

Now I'll tell you what the pics are:
1. my Scratch Secret Santa! Merry Christmas Warriorsfan74! (it's Firestar)
2. Yay4cat's commission on DA
3. Kenisya's commission on DA
4. A random cat I felt like drawing a while ago
5-8. Just random animals I drew X3
9. Almost all of my favorite OCs I've ever made 83
10. a tiger XD
11. My dog, Casey, catching a ball
12-14. Again, random animals. Sorry, these pics aren't that good DX
15. I LOVE THIS. 8D I just drew it this morning. It was based off something I did at school, there's a pic of it in this project. :3 I just made it into eevee form.
16. Casey ;D
17. Casey's sleeping XD
18. A giant candy cane I won at school compared to a normal one XD
19. This is what I did in school, and the design I talked about before. We had to create a new outfit for Santa, then we voted on whose was the best. My teacher said that I won by a LOT, and that's how I won the giant candy cane XD
20-26. All of my cat, Gypsy. :3 She was sleeping in the first two, and in the rest I started to pet her so she was rolling around and around. X3 oh, and there aren't any sheets or blankets on my bed because my mom took 'em off to wash 'em. :B

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my suckish drawings and mediocre pictures, and please don't take the song. X3 Thanks, and again, Merry Christmas!


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