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Hello, im back! I havnt been on scratch for about a month, so ive deided to realese a demo of an upcoming game called ESCAPE (formally death trap)


The title screen has 5 options

- New game, or continue (continue or start a new game)

-Load game (loads a game using code)

-Achievements (none yet)

-Story (the story behind it)

-Music select (select new music. Music can be unlocked after completing levels)

When you start a game you can click back to go to the title screen.

The trap code button -
Ok, so the trap code button is very useful.
Click it to get a special code.
When youve done playing, remember the code and enter it in the load screen when you want to play again.
This way you dont have to start again!

Click a level button to do the level
(only 3 so far D:)

Moving and shooting-
Use w,a,s,d or arrows to move.
Click to shoot (right now its uslesss).
Press space to change to the next weapon.
The next weopen is used for moving things like boxes.
You can drag them if you have the weopon.
Get the orb, and watch out for traps and spikes!!!
oh, and i took gravity out of g.a, so if you step on a gravity pad itll change gravity :)
(when gravity is going up click down to jump)

Hope you like this game and click love -it cause if i get loads of love its it makes me happier and if im happier it means i make more and better games!

PS: I hope i havnt wasted to much of your life reading this description.


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