Super mario cart 8

remixed by bob4888
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A rw Keys to drive
Space or down brakes (tap on a corner to begin a power slide)
Press '0' (zero) to organise the start of a race
Press 'J' to join one that is starting soon!
Press 'L' if things are too laggy (it drops the frame rate to improve the game play)
press space for Mario to say

My best time ever is 1:43.20 Yay! That was a 'good' lap :)

Let me know your general experience of the multiplayer please!

If your PC is lagging, try pressing 'L' to toggle lag mode (where the screen refresh drops, but the game speed should improve)

Still to do: What I want to do is add the option for a user to vote to start a race. Then all other players get the option to accept... Then after 15 seconds all those who accepted get lined up at the starting line and the race starts using red and green lights... Perhaps the option to do 1 to 3 laps or something too... What do you think?

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