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PLEASE ENTER!! Don't worry, the Christmas coloring contest will end with one more remix.

If this gets front paged, EVERYONE who entered gets a fav on their entry! You must add it to the gallery though.

LOOK OVER HERE AT THE RULES BEFORE ENTERING!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!one!!!!!!!!!1!!

1. NO copying or recoloring other people's entries
2. NO using, recoloring, or copying the example that can be seen with the spacebar
3. You may use any program
4. NO changing the lineart
5. NO being rude to other entries
6. You MUST add it to my gallery or it won't be judged. It's called "Entries~~."

-If you only have scratch and you think it's unfair that other people have other programs, download a free program, such as GIMP or Paint.NET.
Animating it will add points.
Shading it will add points.
Adding extra effects will add points.
Adding a background will add points.
A bio and/or a story will add points.

Same as christmas coloring contest. :P


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