My entries to SamRulz12345's Drawing/Coloring Contest

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Notes and Credits (added by 92unit_tech)

SamRulz12345 made a coloring contest! Just download the linked project and remix. There are three backgrounds u can do. Zoroark, Zorua, or Zorua. You can do as many as u want.

Programs allowed:All but you mus say what programs used!
Images:Only drawing and Painting no images from the web!
Music:Add fitting music (it can be from anywhere)
Good Ideas:It would be better for your score to add 1.A background. 2.More Pokemon you must draw them. 3.Beautiful colors(no random colors make it look real random colors could be used if it looks super awesome!)
Creativity:Original Ideas you can use a base idea from somebody but if it looks pretty much the same the person who made it latest is disqualified.

Only color and Draw and you only have to do 1 of these u dont have to do all three it is three diffrent contest! However I did all the entries! Press Space to see them all!

Credit to:
Someone for the Platinum Battle theme
Someone for the Bolse and Venom themes
SamRulz12345 for the champion battle theme of B/W

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