3D Scrolling Engine-Polar v.0.01

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Download. And comment to say whether you want the next version to be polar or rectangular (see section at bottom for more info)

Click these http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/floatingmagictree/1484139 http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/08jackt/1483106 http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/RHY3756547/1493869 projects if you're awesome.

Here's another cool project. http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/glitchfinder/1490383/

Left/right arrows to rotate screen, up to go forward, down to go back. That's all.

Polar version. Really early beta. EXTREMELY SLOW, so download to get a bearable speed.

The start of a useful engine for making a -3D SCROLLING GAME- such as an RPG, or even a 3D PLATFORMER.

---What's going to be in later versions:---
-Height sensing- you can climb hills, walk over/under bridges, etc.
-Moving platforms (?)
-Infinite scrolling (if I use a rectangular version)
-Other things to interact with/do

---How I did this---
Well, I used a lot of trig, and a ton of trial and error.
-But basically: it first stamps down certain black and white versions of the maps. The black sections correspond to places you can't go, and the white sections trigger events. I might have to change this in versions with height differences though.
-Then it goes to your character's standing location with a circle, and if you're touching black, you get sent back to your previous position. If you're touching white, you activate an event.
-Before all this gets actually seen by the player, it clears the screen and stamps the ACTUAL scene and player. It does this layer by layer, so that everything is in front of/behind what it should be.
-All the movement/rotating stuff after that.

Of course, I've just barely started this. And I'm still not sure whether to use polar or rectangular coordinates. This is the polar version.

Pros of using polar coordinates:
-You can ROTATE the screen and admire the 3Dness from all angles. It took me a ridiculously long amount of time to make the trig functions work right.
-It just looks more awesome. With the rectangular version you would just see the front/top of the 3D stuff.

CONS of using polar coordinates:
-It's highly inefficient. You have to stamp down EVERY piece of map (including layering) in every frame, from every block of land. This is because the rotating function makes the formation of an infinite scrolling engine virtually impossible.
In contrast, it's easy to make an infinite engine with rectangular coordinates, and you'll only ever have to stamp 4 stage-areas worth of stuff at a time.
-Due to the above, it's REALLY slow, and you can't make your levels really big.
You also have to stamp every layer in order for ALL sprites so that layering works right.

So, based on those pros/cons, make your choice between polar and rectangular coordinates, and tell me your choice in a comment.

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