Shopping Simulator!

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Welcome to The-Nick-of-Time's revived from the grave, zombie Shopping Simulator! This will provide training for the necessary skill of shopping. Play as a perfectly normal character called Colin, as you are sent to the store with a list.

LAG WARNING: This game contains lots of frame-by-frame animation, which can lag severely the first time around. If your computer cannot handle this project, there is a second version with simplified graphics:

Also, under no circumstances must you play on turbo mode. Unspeakable things will happen.

If you are going to remix, please keep the following in mind:
1, It will be impossible to add anything, as this is exactly as much as can be fit into 50 megabytes (Scratch file size limit)
2, It is going to be very difficult to make images that match seamlessly with the ones already in the project, unless you also use Blender to make them.
3, Some of the variables are a little bit convoluted in the naming; if you need help then ask, and I will explain.
4, If you remix but change nothing, I will comment on said remix to verify. If after five days there is no response, or the project it still unaltered, it will be reported. If you change something, but the difference is negligible, then the most I will do is appeal to the kindness of your heart which I assume exists. If in any way you claim in your remix that the game is entirely your own, I will personally ensure that you never see a penguin again.
5, If you need a new sprite or angle of Colin, you may ask on my profile or on one of my projects, and I will see what I can do to help. :)

Notes and Credits

This is the most popular Scratch project about a character named Colin on the whole website!

Part two is now out! Those of you who chose not to hand over the groceries at the end, the project continues from that point.

Credit to @jackthecreeper for the script for looking around.
Thanks to @TheLogFather for fixing a scripting issue.

Click "See inside" for notes and tips about the production of 3d-ish Scratch games! (Be careful though, unless you have thoroughly explored the game, you will find spoilers and secrets there too.)

STORY: In a world where society is ruled by a tyrannic ghostly force, all the Tonguelings live for the day when they are chosen for one week's shopping, to sacrifice to their shrine. Colin the Tongueling has just been chosen, and must succeed, or be sacrificed. Yours is the choice of whether to obey your angry god. Be warned, taking the wrong path may have dire consequences.

This project began production on 3d of Oct 2016
5/2/17: @artdrew has discovered a secret code on level three! :0
As may be apparent, this game contains Easter eggs. Get hunting!

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