TRON (2-4 players)

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Invite a friend(s) to play TRON, a 3D 100% pen game!
Try not to hit the walls or paths. The player who survives the longest wins. If surviving players die at the same time, it is a tie.

left=turn left
right=turn right

Having 3D turned on may be laggy.

Notes and Credits

What the community is loving! 3/20/17

A lot of thanks go to @123768631 for the text engine!
Music was made by Daft Punk.
Idea was inspired by the movie Tron Legacy.
Everything else was made by me ;D

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Remix tip: Change the backdrop
I know that you can cross paths by going through the other player. I was afraid that if I tried to fix it I might ruin everything else.

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