3d Terrain Generator Alpha 13

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Shift-click the green flag in the upper right to switch to turbo mode.
Click 'Generate' to generate a new small 3d terrain
Click 'Redraw' to redraw the terrain.
Click 'Rotate' to rotate the terrain counter-clockwise 90 degrees
Click 'New Map' to generate a new large random world, and make a map of the area, with different colors representing different elevations.
Click 'Hide Controls' to show/hide the controls
Adjust 'Layer' to show different layers of the terrain (changes applied when you click redraw)
Adjust 'Season' to change the season (changes applied when you click redraw). This may not necessarily have any effect.
Everything else is randomized.

Notes and Credits (added by randomgamemaker)

NEW: I've completely rewritten the code for my terrain generator in Processing. The new version is much faster and has more features. You can read more and download it here: http://vanjacprojects.weebly.com/3d-terrain-generator.html
Leave your comments for that on this project - I don't have a comment system on my website.

This is a 3d terrain generator I'm working on that is made entirely up of cubes. I'm NOT trying to remake Minecraft; my only goal is to get a good and eventually realistic terrain generator. Please leave suggestions in the comments, and any bugs that you see.

Known bugs:
Floating leaves sometimes appear
The redraw button removes rotations
The tops of things sometimes get cut off - in the worst cases, this can generate a large stone and dirt block.
Sometimes dirt with no grass on it or sand randomly appears.

New in Alpha 13:
Taller trees
Erosion underwater - you can now find sand, stone, and clay underwater and near water. Sometimes this will generate small beaches.
Made flat terrains more common. As a side effect of this feature, it is now more common for the terrain to go above or below the boundaries of the rendered area.
Cleaned up scripts

Features for later versions:
Make deserts not based on climate
A seed for the random number generator
Smaller blocks, larger terrains
More realistic-looking blocks
Taller and more realistic trees, and more types of trees
More plants
Rocks above ground
Rivers and waterfalls

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